Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cash for Caulkers Program

NEW YORK ( -- President Obama proposed a new program Tuesday that would reimburse homeowners for energy-efficient appliances and insulation, part of a broader plan to stimulate the economy. The administration didn't provide immediate details, but said it would work with Congress on crafting legislation. Steve Nadel, director at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, who's advising on the bill, said a homeowner could receive up to $12,000 in rebates. The proposal is part of the President's larger spending plan, which also includes money for small businesses, renewable energy manufacturing, and infrastructure. Based on earlier bills, consumers might be eligible for a 50% rebate on both the price of the equipment and the installation, up to $12,000, said Nadel. So far, there is no income restriction on who is eligible. That would mean a household could spend as much as $24,000 on upgrades and get half back.

What do yáll think about this program? Good idea or bad? I can tell yáll one thing, I wish some of these programs that are created would actually benefit me as well, being that I don't own a home, this plan does me no good. The one's that own homes, how beneficial will this program be to you.

Bye Bye Diane Sawyer

After joining Good Morning America in January 1999, Diane Sawyer made an emotional permanent exit from the show last Friday.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini Video Clip of a Pregnant Keyshia Cole

I was so suprised when I received confirmation that Keyshia Cole was pregnant. I was hearing rumors for some time now, but did not believe it until I saw it with my own two eyes. I was wondering why she was MIA, now it all makes sense. I really like Keyshia Cole as an artist and I wish her much luck becoming a new mommy. According to various sources, she's about 6 months. I told my sister and she could not believe it either. *Sidenote* I see Ms. Cole couldn't keep her hands off her belly, that was so cute. Congrats to them both.

Mini Rihanna???

Will and Jada Pinkett=Smith daughter, Willow, was seen rocking the Rhianna haircut at the Nobel Peace Prize concert. What do yáll think? Is the hairstyle a little too grown considering she's only 9 years old? Either way, I still think she's a cutie.


Update: I'm Back

Hello everyone. It feels as though it has been years. I feel pretty bad about not staying on top of my site like I said I was going to do. I guess I shouldn’t think I am superwoman, capable of handling multiple tasks all at once. Senior level courses are a lot more time consuming than I expected. Being that I am still aiming to accomplish my goal of graduating in May 2010, staying on top of my school has been my top priority in my life. I am too close to the end to let that fall behind. I have missed this site though. My boyfriend kept asking me when was I going to update it and I told him that I would as soon as this semesters is over. Thankfully, that time has arrived. It has been rough, but I made it through it and I only have one more left. I am so happy. I still haven’t completely recovered from all of the events that happened at the end of August, but I am trying. From time to time I think about how it seemed like my whole world was turned upside down within a matter of a week. I try to keep in mind what my boyfriend tells me on a regular basis, “This is temporarily and I will get through this.” Well, since I am out of school, I will definitely take time to do some updates that are long overdue.