Thursday, May 27, 2010

Computer Virus.......Ugh

If having a stomach virus this week ain't bad enough, as soon as I get rid of my stomach virus I have to deal with a computer virus. This is my first time ever experiencing a computer virus. It's insane that so many fake anti-virus programs exists. I was browsing one of those sites that contains jokes, pranks, etc. and instead of me having the last laugh, I became the laughing stock when this site installed a virus on my computer. What made it so bad was that I briefly browsed the site, left the site on my computer while I went to the restroom, and when I got back to the computer (only a matter of minutes) damage was already done. Mind you, I never experienced having to deal with a computer virus before, so I started thinking optimistically that Office Depot might sale some type of software program to remove the virus, but they informed me that they didn't. I would have to go to a computer repair company to get it removed. I started calling around and the majority of the places charged over $100, go figure. Luckily, I came across a place that only charged $40.00, but he said that this rate only applies if the computer isn't badly infected and he don't have to remove and reinstall all the computer programs. So I have my fingers crossed right now. I don't think it was badly infected because I closed down the computer before things got too bad. I'm not happy that I payed money for the Norton Anti-Virus software program and it didn't do its job of preventing this. I saw that it was blocking some of the attacks that were being made, but it did not block this one. Thank goodness for public places that have computers, such as colleges, libraries, etc. As I type, I am on a computer at one of the colleges I graduated from to give you all the 411. I dropped the computer off this morning, so hopefully I will be up and going again tomorrow. ***Lesson learned: Going on sites I know nothing about all to get a good laugh isn't even worth the money and hassel***.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Job Hunting

Hey all. I know it's been a little while since I have been on, I have been constantly job hunting and traveling back and forth out of town, so I been kinda busy. I'm gonna be home this week, but next week I will be leaving to go out of town again. Although I'm busy from constantly going, I have to say that I'm enjoyin it. Anything is better than staying in one place, confined in a little area and studying away. Anywho, back to the job hunt..........I graduated on May 01 and as of today, May 22, I still don't have a job and it sucks like crazy. I have been sending out so many resumes and things are still looking dull. I even went to a job fair in Orlando, FL and sad to say that it was an unsuccessful trip. I am trying so hard to remain encouraged, but it's kinda hard. My grandmother said that I should stop thinking about it so much and just let go and let God do his job. Once I let go then the perfect job opportunity will present itself. She's right, I just gotta do it. So everyone please keep me in your prayers and if you have any good job leads in Florida (preferably Orlando, FL), please send them my way. Just send me a message. I will keep you guys posted on everything and I will also be posting some new topics this week before I go out of town again. Love you all. Toodles :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Biggest Winners

"The Biggest Winner" is what they are in my eyes anywayz. I was so suprised to see such drastic transformations from the above contestants off of "The Biggest Looser" show. They look so good. It must feel so good to flaunt off their amazing bodies in front of the people who use to talk about them because of their weight. They must be speechless now.......................Moving right along to the title of the show. I don't think I could even bring myself to be on a show with such title. "The Biggest Looser," are you serious??? Regardless of how big or unattractive I was, I would not be content with anyone labeling me as such.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally........Going Our Separate Ways

After a year of having our ups and downs, me and my boyfriend have finally agreed to go our separate ways. To be honest though, it has been a long time coming, just like my graduation. We tried to make it work, but it's no point in trying to force something to work, when it is absolutely not working. For the longest it has felt like me and him were two different puzzle pieces, trying so hard to force ourselves to fit together. How can you force something to fit, if the two don't match together? Continuously forcing two things together is basically just a waste of time and unfortunate for both of us that's exactly what we did, waste each other time. He is a decent guy, but definitely not the one for me. In the end, I realized that we are just too incompatible. You can really tell a relationship is concluding when it's hard to remember one time the two of you had a conversation without arguing. The constant arguing does nothing, but bring on unwanted stress and stress is definitely something I can do without. I wish him much luck in the future. Now I can focus on myself and get this success wagon moving. Jumping into another relationship is the last thing I want to do, as a matter of fact, after going through all the chaos in this past relationship, I don't even have an urge to get back into another one. I will just take the time to learn from this past mistake so I don't repeat the same mistake in the future. Along with this breakup comes a new direction for my future. To all my fellow bloggers who are fortunate to possess a strong union with their significant other (i.e. Nikki Kisses, Mr. Nichols) please cherish every moment spent with him or her. There are so many people who are not fortunate to have such a special gift. I refer to it as a special gift, because although I believe that God created the perfect match for everybody on this earth, only a handful out of a large pool of people find that person. It is for this reason that I refer to it as a special gift. To the remainder of my fellow bloggers, my words of wisdom to all of you is don't give up on love. Although there are certain relationships that really makes you want to give up, don't do it because love is out there somewhere. I speak to myself as I say this to you, "Don't search for love, let love find you." Spend time getting to know God and yourself better, setting goals for yourself and accomplishing those goals, and renewing your mind, heart, and soul. Hugs and Kisses :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Are They Now??? Deborah Cox

I don't know why, but one day, out of the blue, Deborah Cox popped up in my mind. I immediately start asking myself "Where is she now." I haven't heard anything from her in a minute. So I did a quick search and found her myspace page and realized that she had a new album out "The Promise" and several singles. Why I haven't heard any of it, I don't know, but anywho I will post one of her songs off her new album called "Did You Ever Love Me." in addition I will post one of her throw back videos "Nobody Suppose to be Here" (gotta love those throwbacks, lol). If you want to hear more of her music or find out more about what she is doing now, please check out her myspace page :

What a Gorgeous Baby......Get it Ms. Sandra

I know this pic and the news about Sandra's new addition to her family has been floating around the net and the newspaper stands for awhile now, but I still had to post this pic on my site. I fell in love with this pic when I first saw it earlier this week, the baby is so precious and really reminds me of my cousin's newborn. The baby name is Louis Bardo Bullock, who is 3 1/2 months old and born in New Orleans, LA. Congrats Sandra on your beautiful baby boy.



Fantasia's New Single "Bittersweet"

"Bittersweet," Fantasia's new single off of her 3rd album. Check it out below. What do you think? Are you guys and gals anxious for her new album to come out, with a release date of July 13, 2010, by the way.

HP's Version of Apple's iPad

That's why they say that whenever you are competing on the basis of differentiation, you have to ensure that your product is not easily imitated or this is exactly what will happen. Don't know when HP's product is suppose to come out, but if it comes out near the holiday season, Apple better be in the process of putting out something new unless it wants to face the possibility of missing out on sale opportunities. Check out HP's counter move to Apple's iPad in the video below:

2010 College Graduate.......Finally!!!

Hello to all of my blogger family members. Lol. As of Saturday, May 1, 2010, I am officially a college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. I am so very proud of myself. It has truly been such a long and tough road. There were so many times I wanted to give up and if anyone else were in my shoes, they probably would have given up. However, by the grace of God I was determined not to give up until I made it to the finish line. Thank you God. Now since my college journey has come to a conclusion, I am actively job junting for a job within my career field. I started job hunting a few days after I finished my last class, but thus far I still do not have any strong leads. There have been so many people constantly telling me, "Well, it's not gonna be as easy as you think it will be, there ain't no jobs out there" or "You don't know how long it's gonna take you to get a job, there are so many other graduate competing for the same thing" or "Do you know how many people graduate from college and don't even be working in the field they go to school for." These comments are just to name a few. Yeah, I know it's not gonna be easy, but what is in life??? College wasn't easy, but God saw me through it and I know he will see me through my job hunt as well. As the song says, I know he didn't bring me this far to leave me. He continued giving me strength when I wanted to give up because he has a purpose for me and I refuse to give up until I fulfill that purpose.
Now moving right along to the graduation ceremony. The ceremony started early, 9:30 am to be exact. It was held at the civic center and it was PACKED. It almost felt as if I was at a huge football stadium. I was nervous walking out there because being in front of a very large group of people makes me feel that way. Everything was fine up until I realized how small our business group was. Every other group (i.e. Professional Studies) significanly outnumbered us. Needless to say, I was suprised and embarrassed. To make ourselves feel better, classmates stated that the reason why our group was small in comparison to everyone else is because the College of Business is the hardest. I needed something to make sense out of it, so I accepted that reason. Lol. After the graduation ceremony, my family and I went to an "All you can eat" China Buffett. It was very delicious. It felt so good to go home and spend quality time with my family without worrying about limiting my time with them because I have to go work on a paper or study for an exam. Whew. Well, that concludes everything. I will keep you guys posted on my post college life. In the meantime, please look out for updates on my site. I have time on my hands now. Congrats to all the other 2010 graduates, whether it be from college or high school :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elian Gonzalez 10 Years Later

The second image is a recent picture of Elian Gonzalez (16 years old). If you all don't remember him, let me refresh your memories real quick. Elian's mother and Elian sailed on a boat to the U.S. in order to escape from Cuba, she no longer wanted her & son to live in the country that was ran by a horrible Cuban Government leader (Fidel Castro). Unfortunately, his mother did not survive the trip over to the U.S., but Elian did. He was taken to Miami to stay with other close relatives, but his father who resided in Cuba wanted to bring him back to Cuba. There was a long debate on should he stay in Miami with his other relatives or go back to Cuba with his father. The U.S. government made a final decision to release him back to his father in Cuba, where he still reside today.
It's funny cuz my International Business professor was just discussing this topic not too long ago. He informed the class that the U.S. government's decision to release Elian to his father was the prime reason why Bush was elected into Presidency. The Cuban Americans usually voted Democrat, but after the U.S. sent Elian back to Cuba, irate Cuban Americans changed their votes to Republican. During this time, President Clinton (whose a Democrat) was in office. They refused to vote Democrat because it was the Democrats who sent Elian back to a country that his mom risked her life to get him away from. The majority of Cuban Americas resided in Miami, FL during the time of the whole Elian controversy, which is why it is not a coincidence that Florida was the state that made the difference in deciding who would become our new President, Gore or Bush. My professor told us that the number of votes in Florida that led Bush to win was the same number of Cuban Americans residing in Miami, FL at that time. Hint Hint. So take another good look at one of the main reasons Bush got elected in office in the first place.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey everyone. How has it been going? I hope everyone is doing well, as I am. I miss the site sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much. Just wanted everyone to know that I still exist on the face of the earth. As usual, I have been super duper busy. I only have 4 weeks of school left before I graduate and receive my Bachelor's degree. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! However, before it's all said and done with, I have 2 papers to write, a few more quizzes, and 3 final exams. So, yeah, you can see I will be pretty busy for the remainder of those 4 weeks. Whenever I complete school though, I want to invest a lot of time in writing. It is my passion. So needless to say within the next month or two, you will be seeing more of me. I was so happy to see that I have gained a lot more subscribers. To all of my new subscribers: Thank you for subscribing to my site. I really hope you enjoy and please look out for new updates within the next month or so. To my subscribers who has been riding on this train with me for awhile now: Thank you for sticking with me throughout the highs and lows. I really appreciate your continued support. To all of my subscribers: I love you all :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong.......

People's Magazine is calling 23 year old Heidi Montag-Spencer a plastic surgery addict, but what some may not know is that I use to be a "Hills" addict (MTV's reality series that Heidi starred on). So I was very suprised to find out about her most recent trip to her plastic surgeon so she could undergo not 1, 2, 3-9 different procedures, but 10 ALL AT ONCE. What in the hell? She did not need all that stuff, although in the above pic she is supposedly still swollen, she still is lookin very Lil Kimish. She was beautiful without all that stuff and to think shé hasn't even reached 30 before she received so many different procedures is just sad. What are your opinions? Also, check out the video below of her answering the question that so many are wondering.....Why???

Apple iPad 2010 and Microsoft 2019

The way technology is transforming is incredible. I love it. Just hope I can keep up. I never imagined when I was back in high school that technology would be so advanced. Take a look at the videos below of the new iPad to show you where we are now and look at Microsoft's future vision of where they see us going. What do you think???

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Black Celebrity Kids.....Guess Who

Usher's Kids: Usher Raymond V,2, and Naviyd,1
The big one looks like Usher and the small looks like Tameka.

Tisha Campbell's Sister (Tiara) Gives Birth To Baby 4 Months Early

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s sister (and allegedly Diamond Blue from Pretty Ricky’s baby mama) Tiara gave birth to a baby girl Sunday night (Jan 24), about 4 months shy of her original due date. Her sister Toya reached out to us and gave us all of the details, saying that stress caused Tiara to develop a condition related to high blood pressure, which forced doctors to go in and take the baby out in order to save both her and the baby.
“While we were on a plane Sunday on our way to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Tiara had a headache and was very dizzy, so I felt her head and she had a fever,” Toya Campbell (another one of Tisha’s sisters) said: So as soon as we got to LAX airport, Tiara was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said her temperature was 103.5 degrees and her blood pressure was really high,” she continued. “The doctor said they had to take the baby out right then because they both were at risk of dying.

Doctors told Tiara and her family that “due to a combination of high blood pressure and stress,” she developed a serious condition that affects about 5% of pregnant women worldwide known as preeclampsia, which forced the doctors to take extreme measures and take the baby out via Caesarian section or “c-section.” Toya told us that despite the complications, both mom, 21, and the newborn baby are “doing great” and they are thankful that both she and Tiara are alive.

Tisha Campbell’s husband, actor Duane Martin, passed along some information involving his sister-in-law and future niece. According to Martin himself, Tiara, Tisha’s 21-year-old sister, got into a relationship with Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith from Pretty Ricky and “one thing lead to another” and she got pregnant. When Tiara contacted Blue about the situation, he constantly denied the baby being his and later ignored her phone calls. So she went into a state of depression and her brother-in-law Duane wasn’t having that.
Source: Gossiponthis
OMG, when I heard about how early she had the baby, my stomach turned upside down. Having a baby at 5 months is just too early. I am so happy that both of them made it through the procedure. God is good. Now moving on to Baby Blue, why does this not surprise me. I get so tired of men quickly denying a baby that could possibly be there's. Some of them know good and well that the child is there's and still want to waste money on a paternity test, just to prove to them that the child is actually there's.


Along with a new year comes a final goodbye to the bad things in the past and a warm welcome to the great things forthcoming. My motto for 2010 is "Striving to win in 2010." As some of you know, this is the year that I will finish my last year of college after being in college since 2004. I am so ecstatic. I have already started planning for my post college life. After graduation I plan to move to Orlando, which is where I plan on starting my career. I start the interview process tomorrow for a summer teaching job that pays really well. I enjoy reading and writing and I would like to get paid while I search for a job that is within my desired field. And just in case things don't go well with this company, I plan on applying for a paid government intership. A couple of years ago I was offered an internship with the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. So we shall see how things go this time around? I am just so excited to finally start my post college life that ideas are running all across my mind. Once I get my career started, I want to engage in other things that I'm interested in, such as writing a book, motivational speaking, and professional hair styling. Of course I'm not saying that I plan to do all these things in 2010, but I can say that 2010 will be the year that will get the ball moving. Along with career comes family. The love between my boyfriend and I are growing closer and closer, so it's just a matter of time before we make things official, if ya know what I mean. Wink. Wink. So what's your motto for 2010? What are some of the things that you want to achieve during this year?