Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Table for Two Please

    When you hear "table for two please," what do you visualize? Most people automatically visualize a table or booth that seats 2 people and at this request it becomes occupied by 2 people. In most occasions the dinner becomes special when the presence of both people come together to fellowship with one another. Fellowship cannot take place if one of the two people refuse to show up to dinner to occupy the seat that awaits him or her. The absence of one of the two people changes the dynamic of dining and it is not as special as it would be if both seats were occupied. I'm sure there are many restaurant owners that would affirm that there are many occasions when reservations are made for two people, but only one person show up. Just as it is in restaurant dining, the same as it is in faith/works dining. People either sit down in the chair of "I have faith in my heart," but leave the chair of "take a step of obedience in faith" unoccupied or vice versa. In actuality, both work together to help bring God's promise to past in our lives. James 2:17 says "faith without works is dead." In order to fellowship at dinner both seats have to be occupied. It is when both seats are occupied that you can go from feeling like the only fellow in the ship to fellow-shipping with one another. When Jesus instructed Peter to step out of the boat and walk towards him, it took more than just him being obedient to the words of Jesus to walk on water, but he also had to believe in his heart that he could do what appeared to be impossible. In Matthew 14:28-33, Peter didn't start sinking until he allowed doubt to form in his heart by focusing on his surrounding circumstances in the natural. For example: You can take a step of obedience to God by opening your own business, but if you don't believe in your heart that your business will prosper, just like Peter, your business will start sinking. Contrary, if you believe that you will have a prosperous business, but allow fear to hinder you from taking the first step to open that business, you will never see what you believe in your heart. Faith and works go hand in hand. So let's make a declaration today that we are going to ensure that both seats are occupied at the dining table so that we can indulge in a special dinner full of awesome fellowship.  

After 5 LONG years.........I'm Back

It's been a long 5 years and I'm finally back! So much has happened in my life that I don't even know where to start.........I suppose I can start by saying that God is absolutely amazing. Throughout these past 5 years I've experienced many ups and downs, but through it all he's kept me. He has even revealed to me that my purpose in life is directly correlated with writing. Writing is the gift that he's blessed me with and even though I may have gotten away from it for it awhile, he's led me right back to the passion of writing that lives within me. Excitement is an understatement in describing how I feel about what God is currently doing in my life and all the great things that he will do in my future. I honestly don't know exactly how to get from point A to B to C and so forth to get to exactly where God has destined me to be, BUT I believe God wants me to take the initiative to crank the ignition and leave the rest up to him. Metaphorically speaking, this is my way of cranking the ignition. If I start writing, I trust and believe that he will order my steps the remainder of the way. FYI: I will definitely be changing the direction of my blog. No longer will this blog be centered around giving my "real opinion" on what's going on in the entertainment world. My life has evolved so much in the past 5 years and I want the content of my blog to reflect this. As of this very moment, I'm not sure exactly which direction I want to take this blog, but I do know that I want it to inspire/encourage others. I may even change the title of my blog. Right now I hope that you will jump on board in supporting me in this new path that I believe God is taking me on. Thanks in advance for your continued support and may God continue to bless you all.