Saturday, May 22, 2010

Job Hunting

Hey all. I know it's been a little while since I have been on, I have been constantly job hunting and traveling back and forth out of town, so I been kinda busy. I'm gonna be home this week, but next week I will be leaving to go out of town again. Although I'm busy from constantly going, I have to say that I'm enjoyin it. Anything is better than staying in one place, confined in a little area and studying away. Anywho, back to the job hunt..........I graduated on May 01 and as of today, May 22, I still don't have a job and it sucks like crazy. I have been sending out so many resumes and things are still looking dull. I even went to a job fair in Orlando, FL and sad to say that it was an unsuccessful trip. I am trying so hard to remain encouraged, but it's kinda hard. My grandmother said that I should stop thinking about it so much and just let go and let God do his job. Once I let go then the perfect job opportunity will present itself. She's right, I just gotta do it. So everyone please keep me in your prayers and if you have any good job leads in Florida (preferably Orlando, FL), please send them my way. Just send me a message. I will keep you guys posted on everything and I will also be posting some new topics this week before I go out of town again. Love you all. Toodles :)

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