Thursday, May 27, 2010

Computer Virus.......Ugh

If having a stomach virus this week ain't bad enough, as soon as I get rid of my stomach virus I have to deal with a computer virus. This is my first time ever experiencing a computer virus. It's insane that so many fake anti-virus programs exists. I was browsing one of those sites that contains jokes, pranks, etc. and instead of me having the last laugh, I became the laughing stock when this site installed a virus on my computer. What made it so bad was that I briefly browsed the site, left the site on my computer while I went to the restroom, and when I got back to the computer (only a matter of minutes) damage was already done. Mind you, I never experienced having to deal with a computer virus before, so I started thinking optimistically that Office Depot might sale some type of software program to remove the virus, but they informed me that they didn't. I would have to go to a computer repair company to get it removed. I started calling around and the majority of the places charged over $100, go figure. Luckily, I came across a place that only charged $40.00, but he said that this rate only applies if the computer isn't badly infected and he don't have to remove and reinstall all the computer programs. So I have my fingers crossed right now. I don't think it was badly infected because I closed down the computer before things got too bad. I'm not happy that I payed money for the Norton Anti-Virus software program and it didn't do its job of preventing this. I saw that it was blocking some of the attacks that were being made, but it did not block this one. Thank goodness for public places that have computers, such as colleges, libraries, etc. As I type, I am on a computer at one of the colleges I graduated from to give you all the 411. I dropped the computer off this morning, so hopefully I will be up and going again tomorrow. ***Lesson learned: Going on sites I know nothing about all to get a good laugh isn't even worth the money and hassel***.


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