Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can We Please Let Him Rest In Peace???

Michael Jackson was one of the best entertainers in the world and he will forever be in all of our hearts, but can we pul-lease allow this man to rest in peace. I bet Michael is rolling around in his grave right about now about all of the news coverage that is surrounding his death. The news coverage celebrating his legacy, including his memorial service was great, however, all of the negativity regarding him that is being pulled out of the wood works NOW is not great. What is the point? Is it not bad enough that the man was attacked by the media while he was alive on this earth? I guess the media just don't care, alive or dead, they still are determined to dig in his past to talk about all the drugs he was on, the child molestation case, him getting his hair caught on fire, etc. For what though? It's in the past and talking about all of this now serves no purpose, the man is no longer here on earth. Then if it's not bad enough that everything about his life is under a microscope, they also want to do the same to his kids. Michael would NEVER want this. I really believe it's about time to put all of this to rest now.

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