Monday, July 20, 2009

To The Ladies.......Settleling

So ladies, I'm going to have to dedicate this blog to y'all. I want to take the time out to address the topic of settleling, so many of us do it and I can even say that I have done it at one point in my life too. Ladies, it's time to evaluate yoursevles and realize your worth. Stop allowing these men to treat you any kind of way. There are so many women allowing men to live in their home, increase their utility bills, and eat up their food, all while being jobless. There are other women allowing men to talk to them any kind of way, put their hands on them, refuse to spend quality time with them, cheat on them, and the list goes on. Why? Oh, is it because the sex is just soooo good, is it because he wines and dines you at times, is it because he's the father of your child(ren), is it because you have invested so many years in the relationship, is it because you have a strong relationship with his family and vice versa, or is it because of that sparkling wedding ring on your left finger? Are these really reasons to accept being mistreated? I think not. Ladies, please remember, for every man out there who does not value you and respect you, there is another one out there dying to step up to the plate. You do not have to settle. I know so many women think that there is no good men left and they just have to work with what they have, but I'm here to tell you that is NOT true. If you can learn to be patient and take time to really get to know you, figure out what you want and deserve out of a relationship, obtain some goals, take the necessary steps to accomplish those goals, I guarantee you that the right man will come your way. It's all about focusing on you and not focusing on looking for him. Now I will just tell y'all the pattern that I observed, it seems that whenever we go out and look for men, we always seem to end up with the wrong ones; however, when we focus on ourselves and let the men find us, we end up lucking out. I know this may sound cliche, but it is so true, in due time ladies, you will find the right man for you that will treat you with the uttermost respect and love you unconditionally. Please don't settle while being patient for the RIGHT one. You are only bringing problems on yourself by doing so.


  1. AMEN! Found your blog on the blog reading swap link - love this post!!

    Mine are: - about abusive relationships I've had - daily life

  2. Kudos, for this blog..I 2 have settled b4 but I KNOW MY WORTH NOW!!