Sunday, August 2, 2009

9 Simple Things Women Want

9 Simple Things Women Want:

1. Respect - You don't have to agree with all that we say or do, but try to honor our opinions as valuable contributions.

2. Romance - Date nights, physical affection in the car, kissing like when we first started dating -- all of the things that made us fall in love with you don't have to stop just because now there are bills to pay, a house to be cleaned, and kids to be bathed.

3. Time - We understand relationships can't be all wine and roses; simply making the time to be with us and treating us like your top priority says "love" more than all the fancy gifts and lovely letters ever could.

4. Dinner - You may not be good at cooking and you may not know how to boil water. But greeting us at the door after a long day with fish sticks (or whatever you can wrastle up) makes us swoon, because it shows that you've been thinking about us and our hectic day.

5. Communication - Women are vocal creatures. We know you love us, but it's nice to hear you say it, too.

6.Consistency - This doesn't mean be boring and predictable. It means that we know you will (usually -- no one is perfect!) give us the love and support we need.

7. Engagement - Of the mental kind, not the "I'm getting married in the morning" kind. You don't have to like everything we like (we might be a little concerned if you do), but showing interest in our passions.

8. Humor and Humility - These two tend to go hand in hand. This doesn't mean that you have to crack jokes or entertain us, but just being able to laugh at yourself is enough. Guys who take themselves too seriously bring everyone down.

9. Challenge - Not the kind that makes a relationship constant work, but the good kind that surprises and motivates us to do, be, or achieve what we desire.


Note: Elaboration on each point is a piece taken from the article. Sometime later, I will create a new post elaborating on each point from my perspective. Be on the look out.

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