Sunday, August 16, 2009

"The Orphan" Review

I saw this on my B-day weekend and I must say that I give this movie 5 stars. It turned out to be better than expected due to the unexpected twist at the end of the movie. Prior to watching the movie, I really thought it would be a newer version of "The Omen." And I'm not talking about "The Omen" with the little boy in it, but the one that was filmed back in the 90's (I think) with the little girl in it. However, without spoiling the movie too much, this little girl is not possessed, maybe disturbed, but not possessed. Anywayz, I highly recommend this movie. Oh & kudos to the little girl in the movie who plays "Ester." She did an amazing job and I heard she' only 12 years old. Her acting skills are INCREDIBLE!!!

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