Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

What's going on everyone? Hope life is treating you all well. I know I've been gone longer than anticipated, but I'm back in action now. My b-day went well and I have already gotten use to stating my current age, lol. Other than that, things have being going okay on my end. Same stuff following behind me into a new age. Tuesday of this coming week will be my last day of my summer internship, which I can say I'm kinda happy about. I've learned all I needed to learn there and now it seems like it is taking time away from me doing other things, such as finding an additional job. School will be starting the week of Aug. 24th and I really have to set aside some time to get ready for the big day. I am no where near prepared for it. I'm not really looking forward to burying my head back in books, late night studying, listenining to long lectures, frying my brain trying to understand a complex subject (which will be Finance this semester), being stressed out about passing quizzes/tests, making the library my second home, having lunch & dinner on the go, and so much more. Just reading what I just typed makes my head hurts, but I know that this is what I have to do if I want to maintain my good G.P.A. and graduate in the Spring. Just a heads up, I don't anticipate doing as many updates that I have been doing in the past once school starts. I'm gonna try to update when there is a really hot topic to discuss or when there is something going on in my life that I want to share with others. I'm thinking about changing my "quote for the day" section to "quote for the week." These changes will help me to still be able to manage my blog in the midst of having a really busy schedule. I hope that you all will be able to bare with me during this transition period. Thank you.


  1. Good to have you back! Well, at least for a week before you get back into your school grind. We will definitely be supporting you during these changes. Don't let any of this stuff burn you out. Just think, by this time next year, you will be done with all of it. Believe me, it goes by superfast.

  2. Thank you so much. Your support and encouragement means a lot to me :)