Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update/Quote For The Week

Hey all. I hope everyone has been blessed. Not too much has changed since my last posting, besides school. I am officially a college senior now and I can attest that the work load is a lot more difficult than I expected. However, I don't think it's nothing I can't handle, with or without help. I'm taking 4 classes: Business Finance, Intro to Mgmt. Science, Futures, and HR in Hospitality Mgmt. The first 3 are required for all of the business students and they are only offered when a student reaches senior level. I do want to point out that the Intro to Mgmt. Science course is such a deceiving title. I guess me being unknowledgeable about the subject, I actually thought this was some sort of senior level SCIENCE course. It is everything, but that. This is more like a very intense math course, including statistics, calculus, and algebra business applications. Algebra, no problemo. It's the other stuff that I might have a little problem with. Math has always been my weakest area. Anywayz, enough talk about school. Let's get to the quote.

Quote for the day:

Time in itself is really not the problem, but people who use it are. People who excuse their failures by saying, “I don’t have time” really are admitting to mismanagement of time.

Source: Ted W. Engstrom

When I saw this quote, I immediately thought back to a comment one of my professors made in class a couple of days ago. He said that everything in life is unfair, except one thing. And that one thing was the amount of time we all have per day. Everyone has 24 hours, no more, no less. He said that suspicioun would arise if a person came to him and said he/she did not have enough time to complete an assignment. There was enough time, it's just that person chose to spend his/her time on doing other things that he/she felt was more important. So lack of time is not the issue, but time management is.


  1. I feel like I have used the 'not enough time' quote far oo much in the past, this quote helps us to see what a silly statement that is!

    PS - good luck with all your classes xx

  2. good luck with your classes & that quote actually made me think about my management with time and stuff.