Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Status Of My Site For The Next Several Days

Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great. Just wanted to let you guys know what I have in mind for site updates over the next several days. I plan on doing a regular update this evening/night, consisting of several postings. Thursday is my b-day, so I might take a little time to post a "quote for the day" pertaining to birthday/age. With the exception of posting this particular quote on that day, I will be taking a temporary break from updating my site to enjoy my b-day weekend. My site will be back in action mid next week. If I have any downtime I will use this time to visit other blog sites. Just wanted to fill everyone in so there won't be any thoughts floating around that something is wrong on my end. Being left out in the dark is not a good feeling, so I try not to be the cause of others experiencing this.

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